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The Violet Aster is a boutique design studio located in York, South Carolina. Our style is inspired by the classic architecture of the Carolinas, merging traditional southern charm with contemporary elegance and functionality.


Bring us your most ambitious design requests, and let us help you turn it into reality.

Meet the Designer

Designer Anna Coltey Headshot

Hi! My name is Anna Coltey. I am the principal designer at The Violet Aster.

I hold an engineering degree from University of Colorado, and have more than 20 years of experience with hand and CAD drafting, A/E design management, and civil construction management—working for the U.S. Navy Construction Force and Civil Engineer Corps with an amazing team of engineers and architects.


After many years spent working in remarkable government projects, we designed and built our dream home. I absolutely loved the process and discovered a new-found passion for residential design and construction. So when family and friends started asking me for help with their homes, it was only natural to begin a professional studio. From this passion, The Violet Aster was born. We are eager to grow a brand that will be synonymous with exceptional residential planning and design services, capable of gratifying our clients' most ambitious dreams.

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